Alternative Waste Treatment - Waste-to-Energy

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The Rivers Regional Council (RRC), in partnership with the councils of Mandurah, Murray and Serpentine-Jarrahdale, is investigating the feasibility of establishing a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) for the region.

The RRC has commissioned a consultancy team undertake the study which involves the following:

  1. Development of a Project Plan
  2. Development of land and technology options guiding principles
  3. Preliminary technical and financial assessment of technologies
  4. Consultation with the community and stakeholders (See community engagement for phase 1 report)
  5. Detailed assessment of preferred sites and technologies
  6. Assessment of waste collection systems (See Waste Collection Systems Report)
  7. Preparation of detailed financial models and a Business Plan

It is expected that the research will be completed by mid 2008.

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