What is a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF)

A RRF is an integrated and highly automated processing facility where waste, primarily from households, is taken for processing. A RRF may include the following:

  • Material Recycling Facility (MRF) - where recyclables are sorted, packed and on-sold for reuse;
  • Composting Plant (Alternative Waste Treatment or AWT) - where household rubbish is processed and converted to a compost material;
  • Green Waste Processing - where green waste (garden waste, tree loppings etc) is processed, chipped, mulched and possibly composted; and
  • Education Centre - where community education activities may be undertaken

There are other additional facilities that may be included at a RRF, however the above are the primary ones for domestic waste.

It is envisaged that the RRF would be enclosed within a building or buildings.

What kind of technology will be used?

The Rivers Regional Council (RRC) has decided that it will not consider landfill as the primary basis for a resource recovery facility treating household waste.

Although a final technology selection for the AWT will be made through a tender process, the process most likely to be selected will be based on incineration within a fully enclosed facility incorporating energy recovery.

What can waste be recycled into?

Most household waste can be recycled or recovered to produce compost, fertilisers, soil conditioners or an organic fuel that can be turned into green energy.

Where will it be located?

Site selection criteria was finalised after extensive community consultation in late 2006. In March 2007 a short-list of sites was agreed after applying the site selection criteria to a number of sites.

How much will it cost?

Excluding land costs, the facility could cost between $60 and $80 million to construct. A significant part of the study is to look at the total costs (whole of life) and compare that to the current expenses and future expenses. This will include offsetting the resources recovered and also greenhouse impacts. The RRC is looking to enter into a Build Own Operate contract for an AWT facility whereby the RRC will be responsible for supplying the waste and the owner is responsible for operating the facility.

What is planned from here?

Once the site has been finalised it is intended to publish the recommended position including public consultation then proceed with Environmental and Town Planning approvals followed by a tender process towards the end of 2008 for an Alternative Waste Treatment facility.

How can I find out more?

Full documentation is uploaded to this website (see publications, this section) as it becomes available. Documents can also be accessed from the libraries of the participating local governments.

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