Technology Selection Principles

The Community Reference Group (CRG) and officers from the participating local governments together considered what the key principles should be when selecting technology for a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). The principles agreed on are as follows:-

Technology Selection Criteria

Technologies Excluded as a Primary Process

The excluded technologies (landfill and bioreactor landfill) will not be considered as future options for the primary waste treatment system for the RRC (Although it is recognised that there will be some reliance on landfill for management of residuals from any treatment process or as a fall back in the event of plant failure).

Technologies to be subjected to Triple Bottom Line Assessment

All technologies will be assessed on the basis of the "Triple Bottom Line" over the whole life of the facility.

Compliance with Laws, Standards and Policies

Technologies will only be considered where the proponent can demonstrate that environmental emissions and end products comply with relevant assessment criteria, laws and standards and meet community health standards and expectations.

Technology Maturity

Preference will be given to technologies that have a proven track record at a commercial scale. Technologies which are unproven at a commercial scale will not necessarily be eliminated but will be the subject of a more rigorous evaluation to fully evaluate any environmental, social or economic risks.

Technology Reliability

The reliability of pollution control technologies is of paramount importance in protecting the environment and amenity of the area around a facility. The specification for any facility will incorporate key performance indicators that must be met for critical control equipment to provide a high degree of confidence for the community that the frequency and duration of failures causing impacts outside the plant boundary will be within agreed targets. The performance targets set are to be determined through research and in consultation with the community.

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