Community Information and Displays

The Regional Waste Education Coordinator can assist community groups learn more about waste minimisation/resource recovery or about Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) such as the proposed Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) by assisting with the organisation of guest speakers at community events. Mobile static displays providing information about general waste, recycling and the Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) plant (part of the RRF) are also available for use at community events.

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Environmental Programs

Looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle? There are a number of community organisations within Rivers Regional Council area that offer a range of resources and environmental programs to help you and your family lighten your ecological footprint.

‘switch your thinking! (syt!) ’

switch your thinking! (syt!) was launched in June 2002 to enable the South East Regional Energy Group (SEREG) Councils and their communities to implement measures that will save energy, water and operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It has been strategically designed to engage the community in participating in achieving our regional emissions reduction target of 15% by the year 2010.

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Living Smart

Living Smart in a multi-week course provides participants with the practical knowledge and skills to take action in their own homes and around the community.

The Living Smart program was developed with these objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of sustainability issues.
  • Creating positive change in environmental behaviour among participants.
  • Supporting and strengthening community relationships.

The course covers handy hints on saving water, gas & energy, transport & waste management, safe use of household chemicals, indoor air quality, biodiversity & healthier & happier lifestyles.

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Great Gardens

The award winning Great Gardens program was created in 2003. The workshops are designed to inspire, inform, educate and empower participants to live sustainably within their region. Specifically, participants how they can have a beautiful landscape and house that costs less, uses a fraction of the water, energy and nutrients while producing less waste.

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SERCUL works in the southern metropolitan region, from Midland to south of Armadale and across to Cockburn. Their main activities are based around the management of waterways and bushland areas (in partnership with landowners, local governments and state agencies) as well as helping to create sustainable industries with a reduced environmental impact.

Yule Brook Homestead
69 Horley Road
T:(08) 9458 5664
T:(08) 9458 5661


Naragebup Environment Centre

Naragebup Environment Centre is located opposite Lake Richmond, in Rockingham. This Centre is involved in many local environment concerns, and provides the public with an opportunity to get involved and voice their concerns. Its purpose is to educate, foster community involvement, and help nurture environmental sustainability.

Rockingham Regional Environment Centre
Safety Bay Road
T:(08) 9591 3077

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Environment House

Environment House is community owned and run and provides working examples and information on greenhouse gas emissions, river care and other sustainability issues. It is located at:

Environment House
125 King William Street
T:(08) 9271 4488

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The Freecycle Network WA

The Freecycle Network is made up of 4,810 groups with 7,245,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

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European House Borer

European House Borer (EHB) Hylotrupes bajulus Linnaeus is a destructive pest of seasoned coniferous timber including pine, fir and spruce. If allowed to become established it can cause major structural damage to buildings.

Residents within European House Borer (EHB) infested areas are being reminded not to remove untreated pinewood from verge side collections and plantations. Click here for a Fact Sheet on Untreated Pinewood Management. For additional information on EHB visit the European House Borer Response website.

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